the winter wastes of Ottawa

It’s only about a month into the new year and Ottawa has never felt this cold. Over the past few years that I have lived in this city, the weather has never been as consistently freezing as this year; with temperatures dropping to a frigid -23 degrees Celsius on average. Now, since Ottawa is located in a valley, moisture collects and causes high humidity in the area – making it feel more like -30 degrees Celsius or even -40 degrees Celsius.

As of recently, there has been quite the effect from El Nino – a tropical weather system caused by warm ocean temperatures. It shoots warm air to the north with a low pressure system. This caused a massive amount of snow fall for the Ottawa area. It actually felt nice, it was warmer than usual for a couple days which helped us take a break from the freezing weather. Some kids in the area had days off of school and some of my ESL classes were cancelled because of these weather conditions.

Downtown Ottawa, Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I think most of us Ottawa dwellers are waiting for January to be over. The things that Pat and I like to do that keep winter interesting and tolerable have been put on hold due to the weather. Hobbies like skiing at Camp Fortune, or skating on the Rideau Canal have just been too out of reach with these frigid temperatures. Maybe February will be more forgiving?

With weather warning after weather warning, if you live in the Ottawa area, I wish you warmth and positivity through the rest of January!

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