And now we wait

It’s been just under a week since Pat and I’s JET Programme interview. And, it was only about a month ago since hearing about our interview. The event was heart-pounding – we got the email in our JET Inboxes around 10pm. At first, I suggested waiting until the morning to check the inbox, but Pat insisted we wouldn’t be able to sleep! We opened up our inboxes and there we read the first line:

“Dear Rebecca, we are pleased to inform you…”

That’s all we needed to read! At that moment we were exclaiming that we did it and literally jumping up and down in our apartment in glee. After days upon days of paperwork and going to the Japanese Embassy in person to hand in our application packages, and waiting for months to hear back from JET – they actually wanted to meet us.

The weeks after reading the official email that we were in for an interview were edge, anxiety filled but yet quite exciting. We were stoked that we made it to the second stage of the application process, yet in the back of our minds we knew it wasn’t over yet. We spent a solid 2-3 weeks researching interview questions, interview outfits, what to do at the consulate when we got there… the preparation was endless. I was on edge for weeks making sure they loved me when they met me; hopefully landing a spot on the JET Programme as an Assistant Language Teacher

Japan ain’t ready for us – Our interview outfits for the JET Programme
January 31, 2019

Now, we are patiently waiting until the end of March. We believe our interviews went well and we rocked their socks off! All the applicants have been sworn to secrecy for the time being not to give any information about the interview sessions.

For those of you who also applied and got the interview, best of luck to you and hope to see you in Japan!!

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