Hello! Welcome to the journey.

Becca (onelovedruid) is a humble Canadian from Ontario. Originally from the South Bruce Peninsula, Becca moved to our nation’s capital, Ottawa, to study. Here, she met Pat, her partner who was born and raised in Ottawa. Together, with the help of their ESL Certification, hope to travel and teach; and also learn a little too.

Why The Maple Road?

Writing and journalism has been apart of Becca’s life since she was small. Expressing her thoughts and feeling through creative means led her to start this blog. Having an outlet where she can not only record her inner self, but also share it with the world.

After a going through a big case of growing pains in her early 20’s, and successfully coming out of these ups and downs, Becca knew that she couldn’t be alone. Friends her age were also going through the same growing-pains of early adult hood, and decided that her voice needed to be heard.

Becca discovered how important taking care of yourself was, through means of yoga and exercise, diet, and self-compassion. But, also doing what you love, taking pride in it, and sharing it with your community. Writing in paper journals was one of the things that she loved. But going digital creating a sense of hope that maybe her experiences could help another going through the same thing.

Becca is currently on a path of growth and discovery. Her interests in yoga and meditation has introduced her on a path of health and well-being. She also practices conscious eating, and strives to reduce her carbon footprint in the world through carefully sourced food, reduced-waste living, and quiet contemplation. She hopes to continue her studies in well-being, teaching, and compassion, and share it with the world.

Becca is always eager to share about her quests, both inside and outside. Hope you can hang out for a while.