About 2 months ago, Pat and I were preparing for the JET Programme interview. After about a month of paperwork for the initial application process beforehand, we nailed an interview with the Japanese Embassy. It turns out, we were successful! As of March 28, 2019 we passed the interview and were accepted into the JET…

Made in Canada

Have you ever stopped to think about the landscapes in Canada? This country takes on many shapes and sizes and with these, various cultures and ways of life. I’ve traveled a bit through Canada, visiting Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia (I have obviously failed to visit the east coast – but soon, I promise!)….

Live, work, breathe… coffee!

After a while of part-time tutoring and teaching, I found I still wasn’t making enough. I was spending way too much time traveling around the city of Ottawa trying to make ends meet with barely 20 hours to my work week. To be fair, a teacher’s wage is excellent, but it’s hard finding full time….